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My name is Harry Wilson, I'm a student studying DIGITAL ADVERTISING AND DESing, at RAVENSBOUNE UNIVERSITY. I have recently been commissioned to produce short videos and photo shoots for companies including Virgin Atlantic, Bacardi, Thrill Magazine and BTR Leathers.ASWELL AS WORKING AS AN INTERN AT A LOCAL GRAPHIC DESIGN AND GAMES DEVELOPMENT STUDIOS LOCATED IN LEWES AND BRIGHTON, INCLUDING STUDIO MAKGILL. 

Outside my UNI  work my own passions and interests include photography, branding and advertising, SOME OF THESE PROJECTS BEING: A brand identity for an independent bike shop where I'm producing an identity and advert for the brand.ALSO LAST summer I WORKED on an award winning experimental short film called Graham's Interlude, my role being director of photography. From these passions and interests I plan to create a long lasting career in digital advertising AND DESIGN.     

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